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Leave your problems with us

Do you have a diamond in the rough?


Or perhaps a blueprint for your dream house?


Our professional team of builders, designers and contractors have you covered! From light, cosmetic refurbishments like painting and flooring to building a house from scratch, our experienced and skilled team are ready to deliver quality jobs.


Regis Crucis started with one person laying down floors with her own hands, so we understand the ins and outs of construction projects. We will offer structural advice, design guidance, and material recommendations. 


Worried about the legalese? We will help you with planning permissions, building regulations and necessary permits. Concerned about unforeseen surprises? Our surveyors will thoroughly review your plans before each project.


So sit back and relax—Leave the heavy-lifting to us!

Handyman works

Just moved house, need your furniture assembled?


We offer a competitive hourly rate and the most efficient and reliable services.

Professional services

From plumber to electrician, painter to carpenter, we have your professional needs covered.​


Whether you need the whole house rewired or someone to unblock your toilet, consider it done with our experienced team. 

Extensive renovation works

Are you looking to convert a period property?

Does your newly purchased property need a complete face-lift? Or perhaps a bigger attic?

What about an extra room or extension to increase your living space and house value?


Our experts will provide objective advice with a trained eye and execute the plan to your satisfaction.

Contact us for a free quotation!

Thank you!

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