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Regis Crucis From R to R

Regis Crucis translates to King's Cross in Latin, it is this famous rail station where the company was founded. 

Our founder Louise is a clinical pharmacist turned entrepreneur who founded the company back in 2015, turning her Px  into xR, assisting you on the journey of property investments in the UK.


Louise herself had a very unpleasant experience back in 2001 during the process of buying her first home. Despite the number of professionals she dealt with they all seemed to show no interest in protecting the buyer's benefit, no one was available to support her through the process of being a first time buyer or to help her to understand the legal side of purchasing a property in the UK. After the completion of her first home more problems arrived in the shape of poorly trained building contractors, another common problem if ill advised or unfamiliar with the industry. 


After gaining knowledge and experience Louise was able to assist many of her friends and colleagues through the process of negotiating a purchase price, completing the purchase, right the way through to renovating the property. Using her expertise Louise gradually built up her own team of contacts and professionals who she can trust and rely upon when needed. Louise also started building her fan base. More and more people through word of mouth approached Louise for her assistance which ultimately led to her leaving the field of pharmacy in the pursuit of a full time career in property consultancy. 

When it comes to renovations and refurbishment projects, Regis Crucis only work with reputable builders and licensed construction companies to ensure the best possible services and warranties are delivered. The quotation that we provide will always be transparent and competitive. 

The partners and team of professionals at Regis Crucis have been carefully assembled by Louise, and have since gone onto serve the needs of her clientele from all over the world. Regis Crucis will provide a bespoke and personalised service tailored to your requirements. 

Quality and reliability are the two things most valued at Regis Crucis, and two things that we will never compromise on. 

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